brenda bynum

About The Author

I love many things! Family. Friends. Sunsets. I love funny things animals do, like cats chasing their tails! And, I really love the BIBLE!

My aunt Mary gave me a tiny children's Bible when I was born. I've had it my whole life. One of my favorite verses is John 3:16. "For God so loved..."

I am a teacher and writer. My favorite time is learning and teaching Bible stories.

In fact, I love teaching boys and girls so much that I am writing stories about God's creation, and things boys and girls do! And, I can't wait to share these stories with YOU!

Because, you know why? God loves ME! And I know for sure that he loves YOU too! The Bible says so! You'll see!

Yes, I love many things. It's true! And I know I will really love the time I share with YOU!